Feb 02, 2017 / Life / Songs

Is this what being vulnerable feels like?

I often think of my life as book. Milestones represent the beginning of new chapters and each chapter carries it’s own theme. self-love… accepting my flaws… trusting others in relationship… grace… These have all been themes for me in 2016. Turning the chapter on another year one specific song has been stuck in my mind for the last few weeks. For so many years I...
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Jan 23, 2017 / Life


Failure is a big dirty word in our society. We live in a time and age where we are constantly aware of other’s success. It’s easy to find a story of a nobody becoming a somebody overnight. People go from having nothing to having everything everyday. Society celebrates these people. They’re held up as self-made heroes who unlocked some secret that vaulted them to success. We...
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Jan 01, 2017 / Life

New Year’s Morning

Today is the start of a brand new year. It’s a clean slate, a new beginning, a day full of hope and promise for so many people. The irony though is that it’s just another morning… Night faded to day just like it does every 24 hours but we put special emphasis on this one. I love New Years, and milestones, and goals, and resolutions,...
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Dec 20, 2016 / Life

Silent Night

Christmas is a special time of year for me. Christmas lights, family dinners, and work parties have always given me something new and exciting every day of the season. I love that each day is a unique and festive experience. The funny thing about living life as busy as I do at Christmas is that the season goes by astonishingly fast! I find myself running from one thing to the...
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Oct 28, 2016 / Life

Monthly Challenge: Self-love

Each month I love to pick a challenge of some kind to try every day for that month. Sometimes these are growth exercises, sometimes they’re trying to instill a habit, and other times it just sounds fun to try! Here’s a few of the challenges I’ve done recently: Spend 5 minutes each day sitting in nature. Eat Paleo for an entire month. Write one thing I want to...
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Sep 28, 2016 / Devotionals / Life / Songs

You Are Enough

One of the areas of life that I’ve constantly struggled with is defining my worth. We all have different definitions of what makes us valuable members of society. “My worth is in my job.” “My worth is in being a good parent.” “My worth is in being a good child.” “My worth is defined by what others think of me.” “My worth is in how...
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Aug 19, 2016 / Life

Make My Messes Matter

One of my favorite songs to listen to recently has been Jupiter by Sleeping At Last. The line from the chorus repeatedly runs through my head. “Make my messes matter. Make this chaos count. Let every little fracture in me Shatter out loud.” There seems to be so many people around me who “have it all together”. Social media tells me every day that my friends...
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May 05, 2015 / Devotionals / Life

Ramblings…God’s Discipline | Hebrews 12

This week I’ve been struggling to hand over my worry to God. I find myself doubting at times that God really has my best interest in mind. As I’ve wrestled with my tendency to try and control my surroundings through worry I came across this passage. “Endure hardship as discipline; God is treating you as his children. For what children are not disciplined by their...
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Apr 20, 2015 / Life

Wanting It Too Much

Every year in April an exclusive sporting event is held just a couple hours from Atlanta. The Masters at Augusta National Golf Course has become a fun tradition to my family as we get together for a 4 day weekend of playing golf, watching the tournament, and eating way too much food. This year one thing that stuck out to me was the added pressure...
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Feb 02, 2015 / Life


Yesterday I realized in a three hour car ride back from Alabama how hard it is for me to be ok with quiet. I feel like something is wrong when there’s quiet. I never drive alone in quiet, I’m always listening to music, or talking on the phone, or praying out loud… I never sit at home without entertainment. Usually there’s a movie on, or...
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