Chip Gaines

If you’re anything like me it’s so easy to live in yesterday…to live in regret, shame, or anger…longing to change what has been. It feels the only way to change today is to change yesterday.

Despite these feelings, every day we wake up to this thing called today. It’s up to us how much we want to carry yesterday into today. We determine if we will bring the hurt from our past into this new day.

We have to get past the misconception that we have to go back and fix yesterday to earn God’s favor. No matter how much we plead with Him, He has never before granted someone a new yesterday. He offers something much better than a do-over…


Close your eyes and imagine for 30 seconds what today could be if you let yesterday stay wrapped in grace…

What would it feel like to give ourselves a day of grace for our yesterdays?

Jamie Tworkowski

We live in a world that’s so focused on the ideal. No matter where we turn we find reminders of our inadequacies, our shortcomings, and the ways we don’t measure up.

Having goals, pushing towards a better future is great…but at what cost?

Are you able to give yourself grace for where you are in the present? Yes, you may desire a change…but likely you need some grace first.

Where we are today is ok…for today. There’s grace for whatever we’re feeling.

Andy Stanley

What an incredible picture of grace…

It’s so easy to believe the lie that God is angry with us and that our role is to feel guilty and ashamed.

How much different would we see ourselves if we changed our focus to celebrate what God has done in our lives?

We’re never going to be perfect…what if we just accepted that and stopped holding ourselves to that standard? We might end up enjoying ourselves…and our relationship with God!

Mark Batterson

Brené Brown is one of my favorite authors. I just wrapped up reading her latest book Braving The Wilderness. If you’re a fan of her writing style then you’ll love this book!

The subtitle of the book is The Quest for True Belonging and the Courage to Stand Alone.

These feel like opposites at times. It’s hard to be ourselves and feel like we fit in…like we have a place in this world.

A core theme throughout this book is the idea belonging to yourself. We can all find reasons why we feel insecure and like we don’t have a place. Self-evaluation can be an incredibly detrimental force.

What if we gave ourselves permission to belong to ourselves…to be ourselves…even for just a day. What would it feel like to stop weighing our actions based on the expectations of those around us? What would it feel like to believe the truth in our hearts about who God says we are?

No one belongs here more than you!

Brené Brown

Saying “no” runs against the grain of everything in our culture. We are constantly exhausted by including everything we can into our schedules and saying “yes” to every opportunity.

In an effort to not miss anything we miss the most important things.

Challenge: What is one thing you can say no to this weekend in order to create space for something important?

Warren Buffett

This quote makes me laugh…

I love that one of the greatest business minds of our time was able to see beyond what people wanted and see why they needed a different solution.

Too often I think we put all our stock in what others think, say, or believe about us. We’re too busy trying to please everybody that we miss the opportunity to contribute something greater that only we can offer.

What is being asked of you?  Why are people asking for this?

Henry Ford

If you’ve ever run for longer than five minutes you understand how the mind can be your worst enemy. Nearly five years ago when I began training for my first marathon I began to understand the power of training my mind to stop fighting me and start fighting for me.

By default, our minds crave comfortably sitting on the couch, eating unhealthy food, and binge-watching Netflix…

With training, our minds can crave healthy goals…

  • …an exercise plan
  • …healthy eating
  • …achieving a goal

Are you training your mind to be your strongest muscle or your worst enemy?