Mar 03, 2015 / Work

Delegating to the Floor

Recently I’ve been listening to a podcast series called Career Tools. One interesting concept they talk about often is the idea of delegating to the floor.

The idea behind this is that there is a limited amount of time in the day and in order to increase your productivity there are certain things that can either be handed off to someone else to do or dropped altogether. Listening to this coupled with reading the book Essentialism by Greg McKeown I’m learning a lot about streamlining my life and my work especially.

Career Tools estimated that up to 30% of most people’s work is something that can be cut out completely and not missed. As someone who strives for efficiency it’s exciting to think that there could be enormous amounts of time available for me to cut out by automating or just dropping altogether.

So what are you supposed to do with newly discovered free time?

Something else I’m currently learning is the value of having unstructured time to think, breathe, and not always be doing something. In a post earlier this year I realized how much of my life is spent running around achieving goals and how seldom I’m willing to just enjoy a peaceful moment.

Greg McKeown argues that creating space for these moments is essential to becoming more efficient and that through these times you are able to put yourself in the proper mindset to live a life that’s less cluttered with meaningless tasks.

This brings so much freedom to me to want to pursue time that is relaxing, unstructured, and peaceful. It’s OK if I’m not being productive. It’s fine if I’m not getting anything done at times. Life is mean to be enjoyed not managed.