Jan 19, 2015 / Life

30-Day Writing Challenge

I’ve been inspired recently by a few different article by Matt D. Smith – Habits in particular. I’ve decided that I’ve become too busy with non-important stuff in my life like Twitter, email, and watching TV. I’ve neglected things that will actually help me grow; like writing, and reading.

In light of this I’ve decided to start a challenge. Ideally I’d like to write something every day for a year but I know baby steps are how you achieve a big goal. So I’m starting with a month long challenge to write every day.

Sometimes this will be meaningless…sometimes this will be boring…sometimes this will be completely horrible! But the point is to grow and to get over the fear of writing. It’s not going to be perfect and it’s not going to make me famous, but I’m going to start by putting my words out there.

Thirty days from now I have no clue what I’ll have gained but I know it will have helped me to slow down and reflect on life and where I’m going. Here this goes…