May 14, 2018 / Life

Wounds & Scars

Strolling through a quiet town after dinner we talked about life in a way we hadn’t before. Usually, conversations like this are blurted out between sobs of frustration. Tonight we talk about pain…about my pain…but tonight we talk about it in a place of peace. An hour ago we ate tacos and laughed at the memories of our first date at that exact table nearly...
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Feb 22, 2018 / Life

#enditmovement – what is one life worth?

Today is “Shine A Light On Slavery Day”. Maybe you knew that already. Maybe like me, you woke up and learned that by seeing it on your Facebook feed. I don’t pretend to be actively involved in this movement, but I do believe that we all have a voice and today I choose to speak up about slavery. For those of you who are unaware, this...
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Feb 13, 2018 / Anxiety / Life

This Is Us – Randall Pearson’s Struggle

If you haven’t been watching This Is Us on NBC then you’re missing out on a great story! The series follows the lives of the Pearson family – flashing between their past, present, and future as they cope with tragedy, addiction, brokenness, healing, and hope. It’s a brilliantly written emotional journey as each character wrestles with the scars of their past as they transition into adult...
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Feb 01, 2018 / Life

The Power Of A Quote

I’m a strong believer in the power of words. More specifically, I believe in the power of “the quote”. Our culture is full of quotes. We consume them 140 characters at a time. They fill our news feeds and our TV screens every waking moment. There’s no shortage of inspiration around us. Nobody ever sits around thinking “if only I could find some motivational words…”...
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Jan 25, 2018 / Life

Self-Compassion | A Letter To Myself

Eighteen months ago I was frustrated. It was too early for me to be hitting my second quarter-life crisis but internally I was a wreck. Things just weren’t lining up like they were supposed to. Two months prior I had started dating Jamie who is now my wife. I knew she was “the one” a month into dating when I told my sister that I...
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Jan 17, 2018 / Life


What is it about a slow morning on the last day of the year that brings out my sentimental side? Why is it a warm fire at Christmas time makes us think back on the holidays “as they used to be”? What causes such deep thoughts in an otherwise unimportant moment of life? Maybe we don’t all experience these moments…maybe for some they’re so fleeting...
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Apr 26, 2017 / Life

A Tradition Unlike Any Other

There’s something about a cool spring morning…the birds chirping…the fresh scent of the pine trees…the blooming azaleas… For me, all the signs of spring build anticipation for my favorite event of the year…The Masters! While I’ve never attended the tournament in August I still consider Masters Week a religious experience. No place on earth looks more beautiful to me than Amen Corner. This painting hangs...
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Mar 16, 2017 / Life

Speed Bumps

This past week I was driving through my apartment complex and subconsciously began complaining about all the speed bumps. Nobody likes these things! It got me thinking…why do we even have speed bumps if we all dislike them? What’s the point of something that’s a complete annoyance every time I drive through the parking lot? Obviously the answer is that it makes us slow down....
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Mar 02, 2017 / Life

Three questions that changed the trajectory of my life

Sometimes the most incredible things happen in our lives in the most mundane moments. I wish I could remember who shared it with me or where I read it. I wish I had a source of wisdom to point others towards for inspiration. Unfortunately, I don’t remember the moment… I do remember the content of that moment. I remember the challenge was to regularly ask...
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Feb 27, 2017 / Life


Hugs have always been awkward for me… I never know when I’m supposed to hug someone or not. I’ve always been jealous of the people who seem to easily just say “I’m a hugger” and give someone a giant bear hug. We all have those friends…they’re just good huggers. They’re confident in who they are and they know that others around them need a hug...
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