Feb 27, 2017 / Life


Hugs have always been awkward for me…

I never know when I’m supposed to hug someone or not. I’ve always been jealous of the people who seem to easily just say “I’m a hugger” and give someone a giant bear hug. We all have those friends…they’re just good huggers. They’re confident in who they are and they know that others around them need a hug from them.

I think there’s something inside me that feels like needing or wanting a hug is something I’m underserving of.

Spending so much time as a single adult it’s amazing how much a hug means though. I remember nights where I realized an entire day was spent without touching another human being. Those were some of the saddest times for me because I feel we were made for connection and physical touch is a big part of that!

If you know someone who’s single…give them a hug. Even if it’s awkward, they need it!

I am, like so many other people, extremely relational. I was made this way. I need connection to others. For me getting a hug from someone is one of the greatest ways to feel connected to them.

It’s always feels awkward for me when I try to be a hugger. I’m not sure how to do it. I’m not sure how to be confident enough in myself to know that other people need a hug from me. It’s hard to believe that I have something to give to others in this department.

But I think that’s how you start…you have to fake it till you make it sometimes. I want to push through the awkwardness because I want that confidence one day.

I want to give huge bear hugs to my friends, my brothers, my kids.

I want to be overflowing with love when I hug others because I just know that I can give something to them through a hug.