Apr 13, 2018 / Quotes

Jamie Tworkowski – Today

"God must be a pretty big fan of today, because you keep waking up to it. You have made known your request for a hundred different yesterdays, but the sun keeps rising on this thing that has never been known. Yesterday is dead and over. Wrapped in grace. Those days are grace. You are still alive, and today is the most interesting day. Today is the best place to live."

Jamie Tworkowski

If you’re anything like me it’s so easy to live in yesterday…to live in regret, shame, or anger…longing to change what has been. It feels the only way to change today is to change yesterday.

Despite these feelings, every day we wake up to this thing called today. It’s up to us how much we want to carry yesterday into today. We determine if we will bring the hurt from our past into this new day.

We have to get past the misconception that we have to go back and fix yesterday to earn God’s favor. No matter how much we plead with Him, He has never before granted someone a new yesterday. He offers something much better than a do-over…


Close your eyes and imagine for 30 seconds what today could be if you let yesterday stay wrapped in grace…

What would it feel like to give ourselves a day of grace for our yesterdays?