Jul 27, 2014 / Running

Running is the most relaxing part of my day

Running with my brother Zach today we both agreed how relaxed we felt when we run. As weird as that sounds it’s an amazing place to get to with any type of exercise.

For me the times I’m out running are the highlight of my day. Sure it get’s tiring at times and I am usually sore afterward but that’s what we were made to do. God created us to work for a living and while I love technology and the fact that I get air conditioning on muggy afternoons in Georgia, I also regret that roughly a third of my time is spent behind a desk. There’s a part of me that feels incomplete even when I’m mentally exhausted after a long day at work.

Running is the cure for me. There’s nothing more freeing than lacing up and taking off on an adventure for an hour or more. It takes time to build up to this but it’s so worth every mile to be able to experience the freedom that comes in winding through some unknown roads looking for new routes.

I love that we’re created with a sense of adventure and desire to try new things. Being an introvert this desire get’s suppressed most of the time, but running is where I feel free to be completely myself. I am excited every time I get to run a new route or complete a new distance. I look forward to new challenges and the idea of getting lost and running my way back to someplace I know.

For me, running is the one part of my day where I stop trying to figure something out. I stop trying to solve a problem at work. I stop trying to figure out my future in life. I stop trying to complete tasks. It’s a way to clear my mind and it’s awesome!