Jul 27, 2014 / Running

Running is the most relaxing part of my day

Running with my brother Zach today we both agreed how relaxed we felt when we run. As weird as that sounds it’s an amazing place to get to with any type of exercise. For me the times I’m out running are the highlight of my day. Sure it get’s tiring at times and I am usually sore afterward but that’s what we were made to...
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Jul 07, 2014 / Running

5 Things I Learned Running In The Heat

I was feeling pretty good after running the Peachtree Road Race 2 days ago and being pleasantly surprised at how much easier it was than I remembered. All my training for the marathon was paying off and the race I remembered exhausting me as a child felt like a nice relaxing jog. So I guess I got a little cocky and thought my weekly long...
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