Mar 16, 2015 / Work

A Passion for Automation

Over the past few months there’s been a reoccurring theme in my conversations with friends, the books I’ve read, and the things I’ve listened to. I keep coming across questions like “What excites you?”, “What are you passionate about?” And my personal favorite: “If money, time, and education were not an factor what would you love to do?”

As I think through these things I have lots of grand ideas of things I’d love to be or do with my life. The little kid in me still wants to be a professional in some sports environment, the teenager in me wants to get involved with music, and the growing-up part of me wants to do something to help people.

The more I cycle through these questions the more I realize my passion for helping people and my love of automation. This became clear to me through one question in John Woodall’s bible study called Seven.

“What do you do well and happily on a regular basis?”

Every day in my personal life and in my work life I’m constantly focused on efficiencies and saving time. I love the feeling of creating a system that eliminates a step from my morning routine. I am thrilled when I get a few more minutes every week because I consolidated a daily task into a weekly one. I get fired up when I get to help other people save time on their work day by educating them on a better work flow or by automating a task for them.

This is something I do regularly that I do a great job at and it makes me happy. Helping people automate things is what I would do full time if money, time, and education didn’t matter. This is my passion!