Dec 19, 2017 / Songs


There’s nothing like foggy mornings, twinkling Christmas lights, and the smell of a warm cup of coffee to bring out my inner musings. While scent may be the strongest sense tied to memory I think music is most closely tied to emotion. Last year I dove into Silent Night and the depth of meaning that song has had for me for years. This year, the song...
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Oct 27, 2017 / Songs

Love Like A Hurricane

Recently I’ve been so overwhelmed with my own inadequacies. I’ve struggled with anger at myself and at God. Anger that I’m not better. Anger for still struggling with depression. Anger for continually making everything more emotional and difficult than it needs to be. Anger for feeling too much. My prayers with God have become less clean more raw and real. It’s messy. I’m not very...
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Feb 02, 2017 / Life / Songs

Is this what being vulnerable feels like?

I often think of my life as book. Milestones represent the beginning of new chapters and each chapter carries it’s own theme. self-love… accepting my flaws… trusting others in relationship… grace… These have all been themes for me in 2016. Turning the chapter on another year one specific song has been stuck in my mind for the last few weeks. For so many years I...
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Sep 28, 2016 / Devotionals / Life / Songs

You Are Enough

One of the areas of life that I’ve constantly struggled with is defining my worth. We all have different definitions of what makes us valuable members of society. “My worth is in my job.” “My worth is in being a good parent.” “My worth is in being a good child.” “My worth is defined by what others think of me.” “My worth is in how...
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