May 24, 2017 / Devotionals

Delight & Desire

“Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.” -Psalm 37:4 This morning I went for a walk after reading this verse and feel like I learned a few things about myself, God, and our relationship. True delight is in the Lord It is possible. Being in a relationship with God isn’t meant to be filled with pain and sacrifice. Yes,...
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Apr 26, 2017 / Life

A Tradition Unlike Any Other

There’s something about a cool spring morning…the birds chirping…the fresh scent of the pine trees…the blooming azaleas… For me, all the signs of spring build anticipation for my favorite event of the year…The Masters! While I’ve never attended the tournament in August I still consider Masters Week a religious experience. No place on earth looks more beautiful to me than Amen Corner. This painting hangs...
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Mar 16, 2017 / Life

Speed Bumps

This past week I was driving through my apartment complex and subconsciously began complaining about all the speed bumps. Nobody likes these things! It got me thinking…why do we even have speed bumps if we all dislike them? What’s the point of something that’s a complete annoyance every time I drive through the parking lot? Obviously the answer is that it makes us slow down....
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Mar 02, 2017 / Life

Three questions that changed the trajectory of my life

Sometimes the most incredible things happen in our lives in the most mundane moments. I wish I could remember who shared it with me or where I read it. I wish I had a source of wisdom to point others towards for inspiration. Unfortunately, I don’t remember the moment… I do remember the content of that moment. I remember the challenge was to regularly ask...
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Feb 27, 2017 / Life


Hugs have always been awkward for me… I never know when I’m supposed to hug someone or not. I’ve always been jealous of the people who seem to easily just say “I’m a hugger” and give someone a giant bear hug. We all have those friends…they’re just good huggers. They’re confident in who they are and they know that others around them need a hug...
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Feb 02, 2017 / Life / Songs

Is this what being vulnerable feels like?

I often think of my life as book. Milestones represent the beginning of new chapters and each chapter carries it’s own theme. self-love… accepting my flaws… trusting others in relationship… grace… These have all been themes for me in 2016. Turning the chapter on another year one specific song has been stuck in my mind for the last few weeks. For so many years I...
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Jan 23, 2017 / Life


Failure is a big dirty word in our society. We live in a time and age where we are constantly aware of other’s success. It’s easy to find a story of a nobody becoming a somebody overnight. People go from having nothing to having everything everyday. Society celebrates these people. They’re held up as self-made heroes who unlocked some secret that vaulted them to success. We...
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Jan 01, 2017 / Life

New Year’s Morning

Today is the start of a brand new year. It’s a clean slate, a new beginning, a day full of hope and promise for so many people. The irony though is that it’s just another morning… Night faded to day just like it does every 24 hours but we put special emphasis on this one. I love New Years, and milestones, and goals, and resolutions,...
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Dec 20, 2016 / Life

Silent Night

Christmas is a special time of year for me. Christmas lights, family dinners, and work parties have always given me something new and exciting every day of the season. I love that each day is a unique and festive experience. The funny thing about living life as busy as I do at Christmas is that the season goes by astonishingly fast! I find myself running from one thing to the...
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Oct 28, 2016 / Life

Monthly Challenge: Self-love

Each month I love to pick a challenge of some kind to try every day for that month. Sometimes these are growth exercises, sometimes they’re trying to instill a habit, and other times it just sounds fun to try! Here’s a few of the challenges I’ve done recently: Spend 5 minutes each day sitting in nature. Eat Paleo for an entire month. Write one thing I want to...
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